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Monday, September 28, 2015

London Life 3

Life got a bit busy quickly and I haven't kept pace with it via the blog. Time to get an update on how things are going on this side of the pond. 
We've had loads of company! For the first four weeks of our being here, we had visitors from Stockholm in church. It was such a treat to see those familiar faces and be in worship with them. A couple of them stayed with us for a few days and it was a joy to get caught up.
We took Tanner back to the vet because his eye was getting worse, not better. They put some weird orange liquid into the eye and it ran out of his nose a neon green color. They think it's a blocked tear duct and gave us some different drops. It's not great. I wish it would just heal.
My cousin and his wife arrived into town last week. They live down the street from us in Desert Hot Springs so it was really fun to see them again. This is their first visit to London so it's been fun watching this world unfold before them. In a stroke of luck, we've had a high pressure system hanging out over London and the sunshine and warmth have been welcome companions after some pretty rainy days.
So what's new? I joined a beginners running club and am curious if I will end up liking running or not. It's a tried and true program and the bonus is getting to see London while out working on my pace. We are mainly running through Regent's Park right now which means loads of beauty surrounding me. We ran past the rose garden last week. Keeps me going especially when it is raining, as it has been the last two outings. (Photos taken on sunny days, not rainy running days!)Always feels good to get done!
We took the tour of Buckingham Palace which was great because it's only open during August and September. No photographs allowed inside but it was a real treat seeing the state rooms and learning about what it takes to put together a big dinner with dignitaries. The grounds, are of course, stunning. 
We've spent some time wandering around, getting our bearings. Friends took me to Carnaby Street which I loved and can't wait to see at Christmas. My cousin's wife landed 4 tickets to Hamlet starring Benedict Cumberbatch and it was something else. The Barbican theater is also a very cool place. It was a memorable and fantastic night.

We found our way to Abbey Road studios and the famed crosswalk. We signed the wall in front of the studio...I quoted a favorite song of The Beatles. Maybe that will still come true one day!
We took the tube to Baker street and found the famed Sherlock Holmes address. The bobby was in good form, guarding the door. 
We finally made it down to Westminster and went to Evensong. It's just so sublime in Westminster Abbey. Rode the number 11 bus down Whitehall Ave, past 10 Downing Street arriving at Trafalgar Square. From there we walked to Covent Garden and grabbed some delicious pub grub. While beer drinkers lined the streets on a beautiful Friday evening, we had the dining room to ourselves. The food was great.

Sharing our new city with family and friends has been a real delight. We are feeling very comfortable with our neighborhood and the bus and tube stops. Tanner enjoys our jaunts over to Primrose Hill and I'm loving online grocery shopping!
The beautiful sunshine and warmth has been a bonus. The day is already longer than Sweden's by now by a long shot. It will be interesting to see how the autumn falls around us as we head toward the European time change at the end of October. Already it doesn't feel as intense as the darkness of Stockholm. If only a high pressure system would just stay in place forever.