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Thursday, October 31, 2013

India: Photo Edition

Some photos from our visit to Pune yesterday along with a brief description of today's adventures.
Doug outside of the headquarters of the Hindustani Covenant Church
Gotta love the Dala horse next to the Indian statue!
Inside of St Andrews Covenant Church.  
In the pulpit at St. Andrews church.
The home where girls brought out of sex trafficking are brought for recovery and rehab.
Along with gaining help recovering physically and emotionally from their dark life in the sex trade, the girls are now given new skills, either baking bread (here, bread used for communion) or learning to sew.  Another motto of the HCC is soap, soup, salvation.  They provide a place to get clean, food to eat and a chance to come to know Christ,  I love the philosophy.

This morning we visited a rehabilitation clinic for people with leprosy.  Quite a wonderful work which not only heals these people from this disease but gives them a craft with which they can earn some money but more importantly, feel good about who they are once again.  The goods were beautiful.  We all enjoyed making some small purchases.
At the leprosy rehabilitation center where the people with leprosy get cured and learn to weave so that they can earn money and have pride in their skill.  Leprosy is 100% curable but the stigma associated with it is still very high.

The looms are beautiful and the products lovely.

This is the view of the weaver day after day.

They were so pleased to see us and us to see them, hard at work doing their beautiful handcraft.

The equipment is old style but quite effective.

Doug with some of the youth at the camp.

The Beautiful grounds of the youth camp.

The gorgeous landscape up in the hills.

Youth camp facilities.
Getting ready to worship at the youth camp.