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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Awesome Autumn

Awhile back, actually like 4 months ago, I purchased a Groupon deal for a Segway.  We always thought it would be fun to try this mode of transportation and it was an opportunity to do so without paying the ridiculously high normal price.  I thought we had signed up for 2 Segways, but I'd read the deal wrong and it was only for 1.  Additionally, true to form, we waited until 2 days before the deal expired to book it so were hopeful that the weather would cooperate.  We were lucky.  It was perhaps the most gorgeous day of autumn, with the colors of the city at full peak and warmth that I have never known in a Swedish October.  We worked out the dilemma of only 1 Segway by bringing a bicycle and that was actually quite perfect as it allowed us to get some exercise while zipping around the magical island of Djurgården.

I was positively dazzled by the autumn colors.  Sometimes in our day in day out existence, we forget to enjoy the amazing landscapes Stockholm has to offer us.  We often walk Tanner on the water front but don't take advantage of our close location to Djurgården often enough.  Djurgården was the perfect place to take the Segway however because there is limited road traffic and loads of beautiful trails to explore.  

I just could not get over how beautiful the day was.  I know that I have a reputation for being a "sommar tjej", a summer girl, but truth be told, I love the autumn as well.  And having grown up in California, I never really experienced the changing of the leaves until I moved to Chicago for college.  I am still a bit thrilled and over-awed by the way in which the landscape transforms before our very eyes.  

All afternoon I had this sense that autumn is God's greatest gift...a wonderful way of easing us from the carefree frivolity of summer into the impending chill of winter.  And when you combine the dazzling colors with "Britt sommar" or Indian summer, well, the effect makes you positively giddy.  
As for the Segway was a blast.  I would like to own two of them to have at our place in the desert.  It was a fantastically fun and efficient way to get around.  Easier than I originally anticipated, it's all about leaning forward and backward to go faster or slower and side to side to turn.  Only once did I feel like I was going to wipe out which led to a small incident with almost letting the Segway get away!  Generally speaking, it was a total blast.
The deal was for an entire day which was too long. We had it for about 4 hours which was really great.  It gave us the chance to explore the island, stop at a lovely café and enjoy an afternoon refreshment and get some good exercise on the bike as well.  It's not all that easy to ride through city traffic so using it as a means of transportation in a crowded area would prove to be a challenge. But for a carefree day of exploring, it was wonderful.  Our little refreshment stop was great too...warm enough to sit outside in the lovely courtyard and enjoy a German Weiss beer...seemed appropriate for October!

I had not been out to Djurgården to explore and enjoy for a very long time.  We often ride down the canal on our boat but during the summer months when Stockholm is beautiful for many different reasons than the fashion show of fall it is currently putting forth.  It was so special to be reminded of this amazing city park, so close to where we live.  I was so grateful all day that we were out there, taking in the sunshine, warmth, and foliage.  We didn't have Tanner with us this time, which was too bad, but a Segway and Tanner do not seem like a good combination!  I will carry with me the depth of the colors of this fantastic autumn day and hope it will bring me inner light as the natural daylight continues to fade.