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Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Lovely Break on the Mississippi River

The Sunday after the funeral we were all pretty exhausted.  The weather was hot and humid and we needed a day of rest.  One of Beth's friends lives on the Mississippi River and owns a pontoon boat.  She graciously invited us out to have lunch and take a cruise.  It was a welcome respite.  She served up freshly picked corn on the cob (a great American summer treat that I miss terribly in Sweden), delicious grilled burgers and brats.  We sat on her deck and enjoyed the delicious meal.  Then we headed for the pontoon and the refreshment that being out on the river would bring.  A cool breeze enveloped us as we cruised the river, looking at the beautiful homes that lined the shore and waiting for our chance to jump into the water!  The conversation was easy, some slept, others just took it all in. All of us needed our souls to be tended to a bit and Erin did a great job providing for our every need.  Several of us took the chance to take a quick swim and our nephew reveled in the joy of being pulled on a tube.  Soon it was time to dock the boat and head home.  Exhaustion was setting in and we were all looking forward to a good night's sleep.
What a special day of refreshment and renewal in the midst of our grief.  Thank you Erin for loving and surrounding us with your grace in every way imaginable.  It was a special day that we all treasured.