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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wacky Wednesdays

Every summer we run an American style Vacation Bible School at Immanuel International.  Instead of a week long blitz however we run it across 5 Wednesday evenings and call it Wacky Wonderful Wednesdays.  For many in our community, they have never experienced a program like this which incorporates music, skits, Bible stories, crafts and games.  When we moved it to the evenings, we added an adult bible study time and a teen component.  It's great because it's a program that involves every age level in the church and it offers us a great chance to have a different kind of fun and fellowship than the school year affords.
We launched our SunSurf Beach Bash last night.  It's amazing to see all of the moving parts come together for a unified whole.  At 3.00 yesterday afternoon there were many questions about being able to pull off the opener but by 6.00 p.m. the set looked great, the musicians were in place, the technical stuff was working, the costumes were pulled together and the beach bash began!
My alter ego this year is Stella Starfish, CEO and General Manger of Stella Starfish Shipping Services. I have a propensity for pronouncing my s's with a hissing sound and am hoping to control the Seven Seas by the end of our time together!  Doug is the ever-wise one, this time around Tropicana Sam who is an ancient surfing legend and now head life guard on SunSurf beach.  
I am in charge of the actions for the songs and while I love every minute of getting kids to sing and encouraging them to join in the movements with me, it gets harder and harder as the years go by!  But I was pumped up by the energy of the kids and the crowd and while I'm a bit tired this morning, I am excited about watching how fast the kids learn the songs and by how much fun they have learning the actions.
My clever husband writes these silly skits every year and we have such a great time weaving outlandish stories together to demonstrate various biblical points we are seeking to make each week.  The kids eat up the slapstick humor and let's just say among the adults involved, there is no holding back on hamming it up! This year we're searching for the Big Kahuna.  Tropicana Sam and Baywatch Betty are the only ones who really know what that's all about, but Stella Starfish and Surf and Turf (twin brothers from Liechtenstein) have their own ideas about what they are after!  
Sunny Delight runs the Crab Cooker Cafe and serves up disgusting smoothies containing seaweed and sand!
So stay tuned for more fun and games every Wednesday until August 10th.  And if you are in Stockholm, drop on by Immanuel church at 18.00 where the Surf's Up every Wednesday night.