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Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Midday Bowling Break

I am a member of the American Women's Club here in Stockholm.  This club has provided me with great social outlets, an ability to meet other Americans living here in Stockholm and generally, just an all around wonderful experience.  Once a month the club hosts a luncheon.  I can rarely go due to work commitments but when I saw the April lunch offer I decided to clear my schedule and enjoy.  A new diner/bowling alley opened up here a few months ago.  It's called Marion's Gastro Diner and is really quite a cool place.  We had bacon cheeseburgers for lunch and I must say that it was the BEST burger I've had in Stockholm since we moved here.  The fries were perfect as well...crispy but light, well cooked but not greasy.  Delicious.  Carmel Apple Pie topped off the entire gastro experience.  And then the real fun began!  We were invited downstairs to the bowling alley where we donned our bowling shoes and let the good times roll! 
My good buddy Judy was with me and she was trash talking me all through lunch.  I really thought I would easily beat her, but the last laugh was on me...I was worst in my group of 5, scoring a mere 70 while Judy managed to break 100 with a 101.  Here's the score card with three frames to go!  Not exactly world champion bowling! 
I believe this is the first time I've ever bowled and failed to have one spare or strike.  I just couldn't find my groove!  But we had a great time anyway and it was the perfect midday break in the midst of what has been a busy season.  I will definitely head back to the lanes in search of a higher score soon!