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Monday, April 11, 2011

Finally, Spring

Spring does not arrive quickly here in this Nordic country. 
The tree branches are still starkly naked.  The spring flowers are trying to come out, but the daffodils are mere shoots right now. I think it's a little ironic that some of the first wild flowers to emerge are called snowdrops.  It's like the ground can't quite let go of winter yet.  But the carnival of color that the crocuses and wild blue flowers (wish I knew what these were called) create is worth noting.  The field of blue that dots the park where I take Tanner for his morning business reminds me that the ground is groaning and soon the slumber of a long winter will be broken by the awakening of blooms and color and fragrance.  This year people have really been longing for it.  It's been a long winter and news of the rest of Europe hitting high temperatures and being fully in bloom put me in a pretty good funk over the weekend.  So Saturday afternoon we decided to suck it up, put on warm clothes (grrr) and take a walk along the water front.  We stopped for a coffee along the way and the sun peaked out momentarily.  It was warm on my face. It gave me hope that a new season really is going to burst forth.
And then today, a gentle, warmish air and a blue sky beckoned me to walk Tanner without putting on a coat!  And then I decided to get really crazy so I wore summer shoes without socks!  It was mild and beautiful and soothing.  And my spirits lifted and my load felt lighter and I felt happy and free and refreshed.  
Tanner swam in the Baltic despite the thin layer of ice that still coats those frigid waters.  He's ready for spring and summer and all of joy and frivolity that accompanies both.
Yes, spring takes it sweet time up here in this Nordic land.  But today, finally, I believe that the trees will once again have leaves and the flowers will once again dazzle our fair city and I will sit in the sun and forget how long and cold and hard winter can be.