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Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Royal Wedding

On Saturday, Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria will wed Daniel Westling in what is likely going to be remembered as the event of the decade! The whole affair has been nicknamed Love 2010. The Royal Couple's photograph can be found on anything and everything from plates to napkins to dishrags! The entire waterfront is filled with all kinds of fun exhibitions and activities to honor the lovely couple. Ikea really went to town, coining their own campaign entitled Tillsammans which means together in Swedish. They've set up an outdoor camping area on the waterfront and apparently it's totally booked up until they tear it down on Monday. They've also set up a replica of the Haga Slott, the castle where Victoria and Daniel will reside. Of course, they've decorated it with all Ikea decor and furnishings. It was truly brilliant. One of the better touches was walking into the Royal Library and having the World Cup game between Nigeria and Greece playing live on a flat screen TV! I also loved the fake fireplace playing on a computer screen in the sitting room. The whole set-up was so cozy! Those pillows would look good in our living room. I may have to make a trip to Ikea soon!I was impressed with the dining room. The centerpiece of fresh flowers was as beautiful a thing as I've ever seen.
The place settings for Victoria and Daniel were beautiful. One would be thrilled to be invited to dine with them!
They even had a royal dog bed in the bedroom! Tanner would love that!
He already thinks he's a prince!And the garage was perfect...gilded golf clubs, grill and hub cabs!And of course, our beautiful city was glistening today in the warm June sunshine. Hope the same will be true for Saturday. Sadly, rain is forecast.
Saturday the city will be crazy with people lining up along the route the newly married couple plan to travel after the ceremony in the Cathedral in Old Town. They will first travel by horse drawn carriage through the city, quite close to where we live actually, and finally by boat from Djurgården back to Old Town. I plan to join the madness in hopes of getting a live glimpse of the beautiful couple. Of course, I will set my DVR to catch all the action on TV and enjoy it from the comforts of my own home after fighting the crowded masses in the city!