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Friday, June 11, 2010

A Night at the Drottningholm Opera

The Drottningholm Palace, where the Royal Family actually reside, was bathed in the most lovely light as we arrived for our night at the Opera.

Once again I was treated to a magical night of Opera at the Drottningholm Opera where the music director is a member of our church. I was wearing a traditional African dress, made by a member of our congregation. It was much cuter without that silly sweater. Wish I had taken it off before we took the photo!

The theater was built in 1766 and has now been fully restored to its original glory. Check out the theater by clicking here. The staging props, costumes and music all transport you to another time and place. It is indeed magical. The evening itself was beautiful. My friend Sandra put together a beautiful picnic which we enjoyed on the lawn outside of the theater. The lovely Sandra amidst the well-heeled of Stockholm.

At intermission, we enjoyed our beautiful surroundings while checking out the many outfits and people that were taking in the Opera. At Intermission the musicians, dressed in period costumes, took a break from the 17th century to join the 21st century through the use of their cell phones.
We saw La finta giardiniera or the secret garden girl which is a seriously hilarious romp that includes rage, jealousy, mistaken identity but where of course, love prevails in the end. The stage action was at times brilliant and watching my dear friend Mark conducting the amazing music of Mozart made for a feast for all of my senses!
It was a good mental workout for me as well as I tried to watch Mark conduct, listen to the Italian, watch the stage action and read the overhead subtitles in Swedish!
The only downside is that in keeping things totally aligned with the original theater, the benches upon which we sit are terribly uncomfortable! But even so, the seats were front and center and I didn't really even mind the numbness of my backside by the time it all ended.
I feel lucky to be invited to partake of these wonderful aspects of Stockholm's cultural life. I am not an Opera fan by nature, but through Mark's involvement in this theater, I've come to look forward to enjoying the production each summer.
When we walked out after the show had ended, it was 10.30 and still light. As we walked out to the car, lurking just beyond the theater, was this magnificent sunset which caused us both to feel that an already perfect evening was ending with just a bit more magic indeed.