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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Longings, part 2

Here are some other things that I find my heart longing for right now:
Watching high school sports with kids I know. Sweden doesn't have school based sports so everything is neighborhood, or club type and it's just doesn't have the same community flavor that school sports in the States do. I miss the excitement of Friday nights when everyone I knew went to my dad's American football game. I miss the opportunity to coach little league and be involved in kids lives through sports.
Many of my friends are attending women's retreats this fall. I'd love to go on a women's retreat, I'd love to speak at women's retreat. Good memories of crazy times with women who behave differently away from husbands and kids.
My college's homecoming weekend is next weekend. The class that is having their 25 year reunion is full of people who I grew close to as I was their Resident Assistant while they were freshman and sophomores when I was Junior and Senior. Again, Facebook has provided the opportunity for our lives to cross once again and as I hear them speak of how they will converge on our little school in Chicago, it makes me want to book the first flight out next Friday.
I miss the vast array of food choices in American supermarkets. This is a double edge however because I also feel sickened by the overwhelming amount of choice and excess. Still...I can't get refried beans here right now. I've looked everywhere, and generally find grocery shopping here not so exciting. I know this sounds shallow and insignificant, and well, it is. But I'm talking about the longings of my life, not creating world peace.
So there ya go...a few more things that tug at my heart these days.