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Monday, September 28, 2009

Autumn Splendor

This September has been one of the best ever. Summer-like temperatures have graced us day after day and the blue sky and warm sun have done a good job of staving off the impending darkness that most of us are starting to dread. We awakened yesterday to yet another stunning day and thought that it would be our last opportunity to enjoy the Stockholm waterways from our boat. So we grabbed a sandwich, packed up the dog and headed out.

The sun was gorgeous but the wind was up and the air is pretty chilly this time of year! Our fleece jackets felt pretty good by the time we reached the mouth of the Djurgården canal that leads us into the city center.The autumn color was just starting its slow burn and it was a visual feast as the dazzling colors of fall blended with the water, sky and greenery. I love this time of year...when everything is strutting its fall finery, the leaves are still on the trees, there's a chill in the air but not frost on your nose. It is so invigorating and fills the senses with calm and inspiration.

We dropped anchor here and ate lunch. The views were great. The wind was strong so the boat spun in a circle. The air was colder than expected and I found myself adding layers as the afternoon wore on. Finally, we decided to pop up the canopy and take a warmer ride through town. The view of the city as pictured below never ceases to delight me. When we hit the Djurgården bridge and that signature Stockholm architecture pops into view, I think that I must live in the most beautiful city in the world.As we puttered along, I just took it all in. I already noticed that the sun was lower in the sky. I am acutely aware of how full and alive the city foliage looks and in about a month, all this loveliness will be replaced by the stark emptiness of winter. I was thinking as we drove through the canal, that in a few months time I might be able to walk on the frozen canal way.
The sea was rough heading back to our marina. I even had to lie down as I felt a little sea sick. At one point I was asleep on the back bench, Tanner snoozing on the floor, Doug navigating the boat. I felt at peace. Such a gift to relax in the back of a boat, cozy and warm due to the protection of the canopy. Wonderful dog sleeping beside me, wonderful husband giving me the gift of a relaxing afternoon by his willingness to drive the boat and keep on top of the important matters.

I think the 2009 boating season has ended for us. We have to pull the boat out of the water on October 10 and from now until then our lives are quite full. And, truth be told, it's cold out there now! But I still love the gift that our boat has been for us to be able to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us and take in the splendor of living near water. Spring, summer and now autumn have all brought a special beauty to our city and I am thankful that the little Finnmaster helped us enjoy it so much.