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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tanner's Twin

The other day when I walking Tanner through the park that is close to our house, I noticed another dog lying in the grass that looked exactly like Tanner! It was really freaky because he was seriously a mirror image of our pup. I couldn't resist the opportunity to talk with the owners and let the dogs interact a bit so I said in Swedish, "Our dogs look a lot like each other." She answered in English which made it even better! Turns out Danielle is an American woman, from Boston, now living in Stockholm. She moved Kona, her yellow Labrador Tanner look alike, over with her. Kona is a year older than Tanner and Tanner is a bit bigger (Tanner is bigger than everything) but their mannerisms, their facial expressions, their coats, etc. are all identical! Interesting enough, Danielle met Doug with Tanner a couple of years ago and I remember Doug coming home and saying to me, I just met an American woman who just moved here from Boston and she has a dog that looks exactly like Tanner! I had never run into her, but she mentioned that she stays on the look out for Tanner and actually, when she's in that park, she said that she often has people asking her if she's with Tanner! It seems Tanner has either a following or at least a reputation in this particular park! was delightful to meet Danielle and Kona and to marvel at how our dogs really resemble one another. The photo is OK. I took it with my phone, while sausages were cooking close by on an open grill, with dog treats in my hand trying to get the two goofball dogs to sit still long enough so I could snap a photo! Still...I think you can see the resemblance and I hope we'll get another chance to see the boys side by side again soon. Tanner is on the left, Kona on the right.
(Strangely enough, after our encounter in the park, Danielle discovered my blog and actually posted a comment on the 15 years entry! So, Danielle...if you happen to read this entry, I'd love to know how to get in touch with you! The blog comments don't show a return email address. It would be fun to take "the twins" swimming together or at least meet up at Gärdet where we could watch them run and play!