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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Stockholm in Spring

Evidences of spring are abounding throughout Stockholm. The weather needs therapy as it's clearly schizophrenic, sunny one minute, cloudy the next. Moments later it will be a dry and warm day that holds the promise of a lovely afternoon and evening enjoying the beauty of our wonderful city.

But then seconds later it'll break your heart with heavy cloud cover and plunging temperatures. Weather is a constant topic here. We live in fear that the normal warmth that is associated with the spring and summer seasons will by pass us. It is actually a bit stressful. When you live in a country where light and warmth are missing elements of your life for months at a time, you come to dearly treasure the long, light, easy, breezy days of spring and summer. But regardless of how much warmth and light we're graced with, one thing remains secure. The Stockholm spring bloom is spectacular. I love walking around the city these days. The tulips are standing a meter tall. The air is filled with the fragrance of lilac and chestnut blossoms. Flowers grace every green space and the beauty of new life bursts forth all around you. It is fantastic. Tanner loves the newly filled in grass and enjoys rolling over on his back and reveling in the fresh growth. The cherry blossoms are long gone, but it's great to enjoy them in all their blooming splendor through the wonder of photography!
So take a walk with me through our beautiful blooming city and enjoy the wonder of God's amazing creative spirit.