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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tanner's Rally

In the spirit of the Olympics, Tanner is rallying! What a difference a week makes indeed. We saw the vet this morning and she was amazed and thrilled with his progress. The mouth continues to heal and she says looks 100% better than it did a week ago.  He may not be ready to try this rings routine, but he has been cleared to eat anything crunchy again.
The issue with his toe is still a bit sore but he is no longer limping and it seems that the healing is in the right direction as well. In fact, they trimmed a little matted fur from around the toe and as soon as it fell to the ground, he ate it! What goofball. He will stay on the meds routine as it does seem to be working. He is eating quite well but he has turned into a terribly picky eater so we have to keep changing up his diet. He's definitely on to the reality that can get good stuff if he holds out long enough. I guess it's a small price for us to pay for keeping him around!

His fur has almost completely filled in as well and his weight is holding steady, even though he's a full 10 kilograms lighter than he was at his robust.
This photo, one of my absolute favorites, was taken when we arrived in the Netherlands on our way to England about a year ago. I just adore the expression on Tanner's face.
So after a very stressful week, we are feeling hopeful again. He even chased a golf ball around a little bit last night and continues to love to bask in the hot sun.
He is still mostly lounging around but so are we! We're still a few weeks from cooler temperatures and being able to really walk him outside but for now, we're enjoying his very good company. Thanks for all your prayers. Definitely appreciated by all.