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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Fun on the Fourth

This was my first 4th of July in Minnesota. Hard to believe that we were never here but we'd only been married for 4 years when we left for Sweden so perhaps it makes sense.
We were invited to some close friends of the Fondell family who we have also come to know and enjoy so we were looking forward to the evening. This family lives on beautiful Lake Minnetonka, a big gorgeous lake just outside of the Twin Cities. They own a deluxe pontoon boat and the setting seemed just perfect for our Independence day festivities. Many inviting seating areas beckoned us to relax and enjoy. It was a bit windy but nothing we couldn't handle!
Naturally, brats and burgers were on the menu and it was a delightfully cool evening with zero humidity and bugs. Perfect! Our wonderful hosts, Julie and Phil.
After feasting, we jumped on the pontoon for a delightful evening ride around the lake.
The captain in a space he loves!
This was the first time we had been on a boat since leaving Sweden and it was such a treat. So much of Minnesota does remind one of Sweden and both Doug and I were nostalgic for our warm summer nights in the Swedish archipelago. We were treated to a fantastic sunset and enjoyed the company of good people as we puttered along.
Gorgeous and ridiculously over-sized properties dotted the lake front and the evening light did mimic Sweden at times, albeit, a bit earlier in the evening than in Stockholm!
We returned to shore in time to build a fire and watch the vast display of fireworks going off across the lake. It was all pretty magical and special...exactly what a 4th of July celebration in the USA should look like. 
Good food, good friends, good fun. A perfect 4th thanks to the generous hospitality of our hosts and the various folks that they had gathered around their table that night.