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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Same Blog, New Look, New Perspective

I haven't done much blogging of late due to the craziness surrounding a big move. We did loads of fun stuff in our final days in London so I will do some retro-posting once the jet lag induced fog has cleared from my head. But we are home! 
We are excited to be here and there was much joy walking into a renovated house this time around!
Back yard view our first morning
The trip went well except that we had to get a bigger crate for Tanner. Thankfully KLM was awesome and supplied one free of charge. They really went above and beyond the call of duty and truth be told, we should've had this large one from the beginning. Can't believe it was approved twice before. Poor boy. He's doing well though and soaking up the sunshine and enjoying rides in the golf cart!
The house is great. Needs some cleaning and small bits of work and the yard needs a lot of work but it's fun to have the time and space to pursue this.
Our departure from England was sweetened by beautiful weather, wonderful gatherings with dear friends, and a final Sunday followed by a picnic that was truly a warm and embracing send off. We are hopeful for the future of AIC as their new pastor prepares to arrive mid-July.
We arrived on the day the first woman secured the nomination for US President, a Stanford rape case that has horribly missed the mark, the NBA finals in which two very talented teams are going head to head, and sadly, continued violence in the US. The Chicago Cubs are in first place and the Angels and Twins are not. I feel good about being here even if a bit confused at the start of every day! I had to rethink how to write the date. I'm trying to sort out our health insurance (HEADACHE after enjoying the ease of European systems for 18 years). I remembered my US debit card pin code after only 2 tries. I am happy to drive a car once in awhile. Tanner and I are both enjoying endless sunshine and really hot days. It's great having my cousins nearby. I can't wait to go to Trader Joe's. And most of all, I am really excited to be in my own home. There really is no place like home and for now, I'm pretty excited that home is here.