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Monday, March 21, 2016

Fun on the South Coast: Hastings

So last Sunday evening we snuck out of town on train headed for Hastings. A young couple from Immanuel had moved back to England and opened up a B&B there...a dream they had spoken of while they were living in Sweden. It is called The Laindons. Click here for their website.
Their B&B is gorgeous and we were treated as VIP guests. Our room was luxurious and beautiful. The Scandinavian influence was palpable and we loved it! (I cannot believe I did not get one photo of the interior of our room.)
We awoke in the morning to a made to order breakfast in The Laindons beautiful conservatory/breakfast room with this fantastic view. The food was delicious. We started with this yogurt/fruit parfait and fresh squeezed orange juice followed by a full English breakfast (heart attack on a plate) for Doug and more modest bacon, egg and avocado plateful for me. Delicious coffee roasted by Jon was the perfect kick starter to our day.
Hastings is a very lovely town with a big history of fishing and boating We didn't want to do anything except wander around and soak it in. It was a gorgeous sunny day even if the wind was a bit chilly. We did manage to find a warm, sunny spot for a bit of refreshment that was so relaxing and nice.
Cutest window in old woman under the sink!
Antique stores, colorful facades, interesting curiosity shops dotted the cobbled streets and the architecture was a wonderful mix of tudor and modern. We just loved everything we encountered.
We enjoyed a wander through the Fisherman's museum where we learned a bit more about the industry. In boating/fishing communities, the people really stick together and there's something very special about these salty communities.
The east and west hills rise above the town offering spectacular views. A wonderful funicular saves you steps and energy as you take an almost vertical ride up to the top. Gorgeous acres of green await you and the views of the town and the sea are well worth the effort. The B&B was clearly visible! 
We wandered through the cobbled streets, stopping to take in the sea views, the fresh fish, more of the architecture. While apparently this fish and chips shop doesn't have the best fish in town, you have to give them props for their name! The walk along the seaside was so nice that I actually went for an evening run later that day. Good thing that I did because when we got back to the B&B, Sara had homemade scones ready for afternoon tea! Delicious. I love me a good scone, cream and jam!
Hastings is an adorable town with lovely views and great architecture.If you are into antique shopping, antique stores also abound. I can only imagine in the middle of summer what a fun playground this coastal village becomes.