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Friday, February 26, 2016

Running Towards the Goal

Every Thursday between now and race weekend, we are adding 10 minutes of time to the overall run. Yesterday's run was a daunting 100 minutes and I was nervous. Not sure what contributed to my anxiety but I felt more unnerved about this run than I have in a long time. I think part of it was the pain that I had been experiencing in my right hip along with the numbness I am getting on the long runs in my feet. I was concerned that both would prevent me from reaching the goal.
I am happy to report that it went quite well! I felt better than I thought I would with the aches and pains in my body being kept to a minimum. I am making a more concerted effort to stretch which really does make a difference. I was running in a small group, only 3 of us, and the pace coach did a great job of keeping us at a slow but steady pace so I didn't really feel like I was running out of gas until the last 8 minutes. The first time I looked at my clock, 55 minutes had gone by so that was a big relief!
The route was awesome and the day was gorgeous. It was chilly but the sky was super blue and the sun was shining brightly. We ran down to Hyde Park and then around almost the entire perimeter. Entering the Kensington Gardens area of the park was beautiful. I still love the London aspect of these runs and it's always fun to see something new. The majestic Albert Memorial is something I do not believe I've seen before. This ornate statue commemorates the death of Prince Albert in 1861 of typhoid. Across the street is the Royal Albert Hall. We've yet to attend a function there and seeing this gorgeous building, even from the outside, motivated me to find a show to enjoy in these wonderful surroundings.
The park is not in full bloom yet but the daffodils are making a wonderful appearance. I will definitely return to this gorgeous area once the weather is even better and the spring gardens are blooming in all of their English glory!
At the end of the run, we had banked 7.5 miles! I even felt good and didn't experience the soreness that I had in the previous long runs.
From here on out, it's a fairly rigorous training routine. 45 minutes on the weekend. 60 minutes on Tuesdays and longer and longer runs on Thursdays. 8 weeks to race weekend and I feel like I might be able to do this.