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Friday, October 23, 2015

Tanner Tales (tails)

Yesterday we went to the vet...again. This time it was for a check up and to get those nasty stitches out of his eye. Tanner was a very good boy in spite the vet picking around his eye. Poor guy the vet started to remove the stitches, Tanner back up and open a swinging door with his hind end. Then the swinging door trapped his tail! He started yelping and I finally realized that his tail was stuck in the door. Talk about adding insult to injury! So with Doug holding his head, and me in a full on body lock, the vet was finally able to remove the stitches! Treats were definitely available.
So, the protocol moving forward is to put him on an oral steroid that will hopefully chip away at that nasty bump and eventually return him to full normality. We can't start the steroid until Monday because of the other meds that he's been taking but within 2 weeks we should know something. That is the next trip to the vet. Oh how we love pouring pounds into the Royal Veterinary College of London. To be fair, they've been great, but still!   £££££
The wound looks OK...still bleeds a bit but the vet said that it is only a superficial wound at this point and should heal quickly. This means that he only has to wear the cone overnight and whilst we are gone, until the scab has completely disappeared. Hurray! He is resting this morning, cone free for the first time in 3 weeks!
Tanner continues to be his happy, silly self and for this we are truly grateful. I'm sure he's ready to start playing in the park again and be out on proper walks. He continues to feel quite indignant about the foxes in our back garden but cannot root around back there just yet. Poor guy has really been a bit cooped up during these recovery weeks.
The steroids are the last treatment we'll try for now. He'll be on them for a month. I just hope they don't make him hyper or stronger. He definitely doesn't need any help in those departments!
We love our canine pup! Here's to better health for Mr. Tan Man!