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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Crossing to England

After the de-worming, which was painless and easy...Tanner had to swallow two pills...we were off on another beautiful walk. Tanner found the water once again and was a happy boy! He was a bit tired however and showed no interest in playing stick!

Soon it was time to make our way to the ferry. We got all of the luggage loaded up once again and made our way to the terminal. Tanner was first to be inspected and that's when things changed. The supervisor informed us that 24 hours will not have passed since the de-worming and therefore Tanner cannot board the ferry. WHAT? We missed the window by 3 hours. ugh. So, after the initial stress, acceptance of our situation kicked in and we decided to get a hotel nearby and fortunately were able to re-book our passage for the following afternoon. We were very lucky that our friends had not yet departed so they drove us into the town of Hoek van Holland where we settled into a hotel. Of course, it was the only hotel in town without wifi. Grrr. I found a wifi signal in town and re-booked the rental car and let our friends in England know that our arrival was going to be a bit later than expected. All in all, it was OK. Just a lot of messing around with loads of luggage.

The next day we cruised right onto the ship and got Tanner settled into the kennel. At least it was a bigger kennel than his travel crate but he was not happy. Barking, crying, and banging on the door! Not fun. We slipped out and went up to our cabin where we could watch him on closed circuit TV! He took forever to settle down and we could see him sitting up, barking, and just generally being a nuisance! There were several dogs on board and I'm sure they talked to one another plenty! The crossing was uneventful. We mostly slept as we too were still plenty tired from all of the doings. It was good. We had a very nice dinner on board and then it was time to get off.

We literally sailed through customs and they did not even look at Tanner's paperwork. Oh well, I guess they counted on the Netherlands ensuring that all was in order, which they did!

The next big step was picking up the rental car (smooth), getting our stuff loaded in, (barely fit) and Doug figuring out how to drive on the left whilst it was raining and getting dark. Thankfully we semi-figured out the GPS. We only took one wrong turn and ran into traffic at 11.00 pm. I told Doug that it was just like being in LA! He did great...such a good driver and handles the newness very well. We were all glad to pull into our home and have a lovely couple from church waiting for us. It was midnight by the time we rolled in so it was very generous of them to wait up for us.

Our colleague from the church had made our bed and left some groceries. The couple who waited for us left Tanner a can of gourmet dog food! We unpacked a bit but mostly just all fell into bed. It was such a relief and joy to have arrived in our new home.
(thank you Hanneke for some of these photos!)