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Saturday, July 18, 2015

A Bunch of Fun at Two Bunch Palms

Thanks to an amazing deal on we were able to indulge in a local luxury spa hotel that is about 2 miles from our house. The spa has a reputation for being a very private, discreet spot and for being a real retreat for people. It's quite expensive, even for a day pass, so when this overnight deal popped onto our radar, we decided to enjoy a staycation.
The grounds feel like a retreat and there are quiet please signs everywhere so the whole vibe of the place is really serene. Our little villa was lovely. We enjoyed a king size bed and a lovely bathroom with some delicious smelling products. The grounds have running water in little streams and fountains scattered throughout and that sound of bubbling water is so soothing. The center piece of the grounds is the grotto, a natural swimming area that is fed by natural mineral springs so there is no foul smell or chemical feel to the waters. One side of the grotto is 99° with the smaller pool rising to a steamy 104° The 99° water actually felt great, even though it was 102° outside and at night it was just dreamy. I loved floating on my back with the help of a couple of pool noodles, staring through the beautiful tree tops at the blue or starry sky. They also had a regular swimming pool where you could go for a cool off dip. 
I've rarely been so relaxed as we floated in the warm waters listening to the bubbling water flowing all around us. The trees at Two Bunch Palms are absolutely majestic. Tall beautiful palm fronds towering overhead provided an incredible soothing sensation as we floated weightlessly in the grotto.
We enjoyed a fun wine tasting that was offered free of charge to the guests. There were only 3 of us plus the host so we had a great time learning about French wines. Tasting them was lovely as well. Sleep came easy that night after a lovely soak in the grotto after dark. The smell of jasmine surrounded us...intoxicating!
Morning came and we started the day with another soak in the grotto. Not many were up early so it was fairly private and just a lovely way to start the day. From there we ventured into the gorgeous restaurant and enjoyed a lovely, farm fresh breakfast. We both tried the elixir...1 oz. of carrot juice, 1 oz. of ginger, 1 oz. of orange juice. It came in a shot glass and it was indeed a shot! Yummy. And the view was spectacular!
We took a walk around the property, admired the views, and spent some more time in the pools.  This sign summed up our 24 hour staycation! 
Soon it was time to check out and face the long drive home! But even though it was just a few miles down the road it felt like we were a million miles away and it was a most delightful getaway.