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Friday, June 5, 2015

Stunning Yellowstone

I'm not entirely sure how to write a post about Yellowstone National Park. I think the best thing will be to simply let the beauty speak for itself. Suffice it to say that we had a magical, peaceful day in the park. We were so happy that we stopped and slept near the east entrance because we woke up early, grabbed some coffee to go when we checked out and were inside the park by 7.30 a.m. One dazzling site after another just took our breath away. I had made a National Parks playlist for our drive which included the beautiful music of our dear friends Anita and Ben Tatlow. Listening to the Salt of the Sound (click the link to have a listen) as we meandered through the park was a soothing, lovely perfect backdrop for taking in God's wondrous creation. So enjoy the show. We sure did.
The Yellowstone river that runs throughout the area. Cutthroat trout jump these rapids in late June and July on their way to spawn. 

The smoldering hot active ground of the geological wonders of Yellowstone were fascinating to experience. 

Hello Bison. Right in front of us on the road. Exciting and a little scary with an overactive labrador in the backseat!
Here's a small video of the beast coming towards us!

Why the park is called Yellowstone. The gorgeous and exotic "Grand Canyon of Yellowstone!

Amazing waterfalls

Where water flows, beauty grows

White tailed deer on the side of the road and in one of the parking lots. We never saw bears but enjoyed quite a bit of wildlife along the way.

The travertine terraces in Mammoth Hot Springs, on the north side of the park

Lunch break

In a beautiful spot. Tanner wanted to swim in that river.

More geological wonders

Mud pools spitting up hot, bubbling mud
My faithful Tanner waiting for Old Faithful to erupt

My very faithful companions waiting for Old Faithful

Like clockwork, there she blows
Bye bye beautiful Yellowstone. It was a pleasure spending the day with you

As we drove west into Idaho, a severe storm warning was issued on the radio for hail and high winds. Fortunately for us, it remained at bay and we could continue driving to our destination in Tremonton, Utah.
We had to skip driving through the Grand Tetons because the road was closed but the green hills of Idaho did not disappoint and we were able to catch a wondrous glimpse of the "trois tetons" from the highway.
(stock photo. we were driving so no picture possible)
Here's a fun fact for how the mountains were names. First seen from this vantage point by french explorers, they named them the trois tetons, the three breasts! English speakers tried to rename them but the romantic french name stuck!