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Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014 Begins

We had a happy New Year.  I hope the same was true for you and yours.  Our dog hates New Year's in Sweden because fireworks explode all around and he is not a fan of the boom.  So we thought we'd have a quiet, enjoyable evening at home surrounded by good friends, with some good food and a lot of laughter.  Vida and Jen are women from church who are both actively involved in our ministry in a variety of ways and we appreciate their friendship very much.  For some reason lasagne sounded perfect to me.  We decided to try out the new table cloth as well!  I look forward to many gatherings around our table in the year ahead
After dinner we played farkle, watched this silly 10 minute film that is legendary in Europe called Dinner for One.  See this link for more information.  We've come to enjoy watching this and we laugh and laugh at the silly physical comedy of the male actor.  Finally, it was close to midnight so we grabbed a bottle of bubbly and went across the street to the hill nearby to see if we could see any fireworks.  It was a crystal clear, warmish night in Stockholm so the stars were out in full force and it was pretty comfortable being out.  Lanterns were also floating through the night sky so all in all, it was a pretty magical setting.  A kiss for luck with my beloved Douglas started the year off well! We wandered back home to see if Tanner had survived and while he was a little ramped up, he was doing pretty well.  We fell into bed around 1.00 a.m. on January 1, 2014.
New Year's day was relaxing and nice.  We watched some American football and cleaned up the house.  I took the Christmas stuff down early this year because the woman who helps me clean was coming Thursday and we are going to London for a few days next week and I did not want to come home to it.It's fun to put it up and it feels good to take it down.  I do enjoy the opportunity that empty shelves present to re-think what we'd like to put up and have around us in our house.  I'm definitely into less is more and interested in de-cluttering our lives as the year unfolds.  Cycles and seasons...they are good for us!  I couldn't quite bear to put take the lights out of the windows yet.  It is so dark right now...still need that constant glimmer!  
In the evening we watched the Rose Parade from Pasadena, CA.  My family attended this parade every year when I was a kid and as a teenager I even spent a couple of nights sleeping on the curbside waiting for the parade the next day.  It's fun to see on TV but there's really nothing quite like being there to see the flowers and smell the roses, so to speak!
The new year is off and running.  We had a long range planning day with our staff and got the first newsletter of the year put together.  I haven't started a big diet or gone to the gym yet but maybe one of these days! At least I am walking the dog a bit!
We've a busy month ahead but the anticipation of our winter hiatus in CA awaits us.  We look forward to seeing family in both MN and CA.
What will 2014 bring?  We do not know the answer to that question right now...but I'm confident that joy and sorrow will meet and that love will cover all things.