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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Magical Seaside Dinner

Thursday evening we had made plans to have dinner at a seaside restaurant in a little place called Saltsjöduvnäs.  What made the experience extra cool was that we could drive our boat right up to the dock at the restaurant.  It felt very posh to go to dinner via boat! We went head to head with this big ferry.  We were riding the high seas as we went through its wake! But the weather was the real star of the show that evening!  It was a perfect late summer night.  Warm, sunny, calm waters, just lovely.  I want to rent this house someday!  Every time we pass it, I just long to stay there!
We enjoyed a fun meal with good friends overlooking the water and watching the evening sun change the color of the sky every 30 minutes or so. 
The view from our table
The air got cooler as the evening progressed but it was just oh so lovely.
Same view a little later!
We finally had to leave however as we needed to navigate home and it is now getting dark around 9.00p.m.  We jumped in the boat and headed out.  The colors created by the setting sun were magnificent but the big, bright half moon was also a real stunner.  It is just too cool to see the setting sun and the moon all at the same time! Even though it was a bit chilly on the ride back, fleece and a scarf made it possible for me to enjoy the wind in my hair and the breeze on my face as we ventured back into the marina.  It was dark as made our final approach.  But the water was so calm and seeing the houses on the water lit by night was such a special treat.  I saw stars in the sky for the first time since being in California in May!  I always feel a little melancholy when the long summer days start to shorten, but this has really been the most awesome summer in 15 years of living here so I don't really mind the chill.  The night sky is beautiful as well...I'm just not quite ready for night to fall at 3.00p.m.  Thankfully we're still a few months from the really short days that will inevitably come in this far north land in which we live.