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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Rascal Flatts in Stockholm

I had wanted to do something special for Doug because he's kind of pretty much been husband of the year for this entire year thus far so when I learned that Rascal Flatts was coming to Stockholm in a favorite venue of ours, well, that seemed like just the ticket!  And it was.  Today was a spectacularly beautiful, super hot summer day (87°F) so after an afternoon dip in the Baltic we headed out to the island of Djurg√•rden and met up with some friends for a pre-concert snack.  Then we walked over to Cirkus, the venue where the concert was and got ready for a boot-scootin' good time!
It was indeed a very good time!  The opening band was pretty good...a blonde chick, whipping her hair all over the place, dancing around in short shorts and white cowboy boots.  Standard country fare!  Finally, a giant countdown clock came on the screen about 4 and half minutes before the band was ready to start.  Then a big highway came onto the screen and there they were...singing Life is A Highway cranking up the energy!  The lead singer clearly has one of the greatest voices in music and the guitars, harmonica, violin, drums and pianos lent themselves to an amazing musical performance.  My favorites included Mayberry, which speaks of small town life, and Bobbleheads which I really don't know much about but I did love the graphics that were behind the band!  All good things must come to an end and once they sang Bless the Broken Road we knew it almost quittin' time.  They did give a great encore with My Wish.  We love this band.  We really had a great time!
The night remained warm and when we walked out at 10.30, twilight had just set in so we decided to walk home.  On our way, we stumbled upon the brand new Abba Museum, complete with these photo ops outside.  I couldn't resist taking a shot.  Look carefully at Agneta's may look slightly different than normal!  The city was gorgeous in all its summer splendor.  Couldn't resist this photo op on the Djurg√•rden bridge.  Oh, and I made Doug kiss me there too!  What a great night.  The lyrics will long ring in my ears.  Which is fine.  They are beautiful and rich and I look forward to getting to know all of their music even better.