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Friday, May 10, 2013

A Beautiful Welcome Home

All things considered, I had a good trip back across the pond.  It was a teary good-bye with my dear dad at the Palm Springs airport but bulk head seating on the flight to Dallas was a bonus.  Any extra room always helps especially when you are full of emotion and plane travel affords, well, zero privacy unless you are in first class, which, clearly, I was not.
A dear friend who used to live in Stockholm who now resides in Dallas met me at the airport and we were able to spend a precious hour getting caught on our lives.  What a bonus to spend time with her instead of sitting in the terminal.  An added bonus was the delicious American style burger I consumed while we chit-chatted.  I did ask for an upgrade but alas, the flight to London was packed so no chance of moving.  Thankfully I had an aisle seat that I was able to just kind of hunker into.  I watched a beautiful film, Quartet, which did make me cry a little, ate dinner and conked out.  Slept pretty good most of the way to London.  The London leg proved to be uneventful as well.   Doug loves British egg salad sandwiches so I went to an airport sandwich shop, bought two sandwiches, two bags of salt-vinegar crisps and took them home with me for our dinner.  
I was so exhausted by that time that I actually fell totally asleep at the gate in London.  A kind woman came and woke me as boarding was completing itself.  I would probably still be on that bench if she had not had the kindness to bring me to my senses!
The plane to Stockholm was huge and virtually empty so I had lots of space for myself.  Good thing because the combination of extreme tiredness and sadness overwhelmed me and I found myself boo-hooing quite a bit on the flight.  Eventually I did fall asleep again which is really the best way to pass time on the final leg home.  
Speaking of was wonderful to be greeted by my big, lovely, crazy dog and my adorable, wonderful, sweet, kind, lovely husband as well!  Tears, hugs, and stories over egg salad sandwiches fit the bill nicely.  While my eyes were burning out of my head and utter exhaustion had come over me, because of the 9 hour time difference, my body was ready to start the day.  I slept quite fitfully and finally at 3.00 got up to watch a little TV.  Eventually I went back to sleep.  I did notice that it was getting light outside!  But the combination of grief, sadness, and tiredness kept me in bed until 2.00 p.m.!  Not sure that is a good thing but it felt great.  We'll see if I can get some better sleep tonight.
Tanner eventually got me out of bed as he needed a walk and truth be told, so did I.  My beautiful city did not disappoint as the day was warm, sunny and just lovely.  Everything is now coming into bloom so it was delightful to take in the flowers along the way.  Tanner wanted to roll and roll in the new grass.  He likes walking but he loves to sprawl out on the grass as well!  The outdoor café scene was in full tilt, the water sparkling like diamonds and it all made me feel great to be back.
One of the great highlights for me every spring are the blooming cherry trees in Kungsträdgården.  
Located in the heart of the city, it is just a thrill when these beautiful blossoms grace the city.  I was so happy that I hadn't missed this rite of spring!  Literally hundreds of people were gathered to take photos, sit on the grass or steps and soak in the spring!  For many of us, the cherry trees blooming ensures that we really have put winter to bed for another year.  
The line to get ice cream was miles long and the mood was joyful!
I came home to do a little grocery shopping and make some dinner.  The paradox continues...I'm thrilled to be home and I miss my other home.  My heart wanders to my dad and to my mom.  I share a memory with Doug, a thought will make me laugh and still there are tears.  I love being home with Doug and I look forward to going to church and reconnecting with friends.It is good to share my life with my loved ones in my beautiful city.