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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Easter Retrospective

We had a wonderful Easter weekend.  We have some nice traditions that we have come to greatly appreciate.  On Thursday night we go to a Pakistani family's home for dinner and communion.
Our hosts for the Thursday dinner.
The food is amazing.  No leavened bread, some dishes emulate the passover, other reflect their culture.
Our hostess making unleavened chapatis
I made deviled eggs with horseradish as a nod to ingredients used in preparing the passover meal.  Doug gave a simple yet profound explanation of what the last supper might've been like.  As stunning as his painting was, da Vinci did not get the setting or the seating right!  Then we shared in communion together as a family of faith.  It is a great night together.
On Good Friday we used 6 readers to tell the story of Christ's passion.  The setting is austere.  The lighting dims as the story progresses.  Candles are snuffed out.  We end in darkness.  It is powerful.
Saturday is a day of rest of preparation. We went out for brunch and took a long walk with Tanner.  The sun was out but the temperatures were chilly.
Easter Sunday arrives with joy as the sanctuary bursts forth with light and color.  We joyfully sing Christ the Lord is Risen Today and welcome the news that Jesus Christ has risen from the dead.  We embrace the hope that is ours because death has been defeated.  It gives us strength to live as Easter people even when the hardship of Good Friday bears down on us.
We celebrated the day with close friends who we have come to treasure as family on these wonderful holidays.  A roast lamb dinner followed by a pavlova that I had made filled our tummies to overflowing!  Given that half the family is Swiss, we also had enough chocolate to sink a ship!
It was indeed the joyful feast of the people of God in so many different ways.