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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Home Improvements

We have been having an absolutely fabulous time enjoying our little house in the desert.  We feel overwhelmed by this wonderful gift and just love being here.  Now, to figure out a way to get here more often.  (:
Each time we are here we are able to make a few more improvements.  This time around we've been pretty busy but have found time to play golf on the fabulous golf course that surrounds our housing complex.  We even purchased a little golf cart to buzz around in!  Now, if our games would improve, that would really be icing on the cake!
The biggest outdoor improvement this time around was painting the patio!  Our entire backyard has been totally transformed thanks to the creative eye of my adorable husband.  He had this great idea for an outer stripe and it just looks amazing.  We have found little bits and bobs on Craig's list.  The adirondack chairs were a steal at $5.00 each.  They are plastic but look like wood and are quite comfortable!  We also added some art in the back nook.  The fire pit (my idea) with rock design (Doug's handy work) is a wonderful accessory to these chilly winter evenings.  We have yet to use it but it looks pretty cool!  
We added a gate to the backyard so have a totally enclosed yard now.  The man who does the work for us always does such a beautiful job.  We are grateful for his handy work.
With the addition of old fashioned rabbit ears we are able to get free network TV!  It's nice to watch the news, morning shows, late night shows, and some of the general junk that's on TV here!  I continue to HATE the commercials for prescription drugs however.  The other indoor improvement is a microwave!  The cart provides added shelf space in our limited space kitchen as well.
The weather has been unseasonably cold with some rain and wind creating a quite a stir.  Even so, the rain in the desert produces snow in the surrounding mountains and the views remain as breath-taking as ever.
And there's still nothing quite like the setting sun over the desert landscape with the mountains in the background.  
I love this little place.  I am truly grateful for our time here.