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Monday, September 10, 2012

The Perfect Day Off

Woke up late, relaxed around the house, went out to lunch with my husband and spent the afternoon on our boat exploring a brand new area outside of Stockholm.  The weather was summer perfect which is saying something since this year we only had a "sort of" summer!
We had both heard quite a lot about this new place called the Artipelago, a new art museum and nature reserve south of Stockholm on the water near Saltsj√∂baden.  We thought today would be the perfect day to explore it.  We were right.  Tanner readied himself at the helm as we headed out on a warm and sunny September afternoon.
After a stunning ride south, we pulled up to a beautiful and free guest harbor, docked the boat and got off ready to explore.  Beauty surrounded us on every side.  Since we had Tanner with us and since he was dying to get in the water, we chose the nature walk first.  A beautiful trail met us as we headed into the woods, with water views at every turn.  We were both stunned at how lovely this new area is and plan to return often next season! Picnic benches dot the trail, rocks along the sea invite a break, and all in all, it was just a gorgeous place.  We wound our way up to the main building where the art gallery is.  The building is dazzling and we look forward to coming back sans dog one day when we can explore the inside even more.  We did stop to use the facilities and my, what gorgeous facilities they were!  We decided to enjoy a cold drink in what may be the most beautiful caf√© in the world!  Again, the view from our bench was just super.  The weather took a sudden change as it often does on the sea and we felt the need to get ahead of the dark clouds that were gathering.  Our ride back into Stockholm was a fascinating mix of wind, rain, and sunshine!  Autumn color was beginning to show its face.  The sky was threatening and beautiful.  When the lightening began to flash, we were longing to be docked and on our way!  In the end, a gorgeous sunset met us and we managed to avoid a total downpour and getting electrocuted.  
We came home tired and happy from being out in God's wonderful creation.  We both were so excited that a new area opened up to us and we look forward to sharing this beautiful place with our friends.  You can drive there so we assume it will also be open all winter which would have its own charm and beauty.
The daylight is waning now and that is always hard to accept.  However, lots of lovely Orrefors candle holders keep the darkness at bay and make for a cozy atmosphere.  
What a fantastic day.  I am happy for these warm September days that help the summer feeling linger just a little bit longer.