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Monday, April 9, 2012

The Joyful Feast of the People of God

We had a full and beauty-filled Easter weekend.  It began on Thursday night when we made our way to our Pakistani friends home for our annual Passover/Communion celebration.  It has become a lovely tradition to gather with friends from around the globe, to make the connection between Passover and Easter, to celebrate Holy Communion together and to remember.  On this occasion I was struck by the beautiful diversity that emerged throughout the evening.  People from all over the world had gathered to remember what Jesus had shared with his disciples on the night before he was crucified.  It was on that night that Jesus left us with the command to remember him in the Lord's Supper until he came again in glory.  As we passed the bread and cup to one another, I was amazed to hear the words of institution repeated in at least 3 different languages: English, Urdu, and Swedish.  It was a living picture of the liturgy that we share when we celebrate communion together: Many will come from East and West and sit at table with our Lord.
Yasin and Rozina Farhat, our fine hosts
After communion, we feasted on an amazing spread of delicious food.  The Indians and Pakistanis know how to cook with unparalleled flavor!  We ended the evening with a Passover quiz that Doug had prepared.  We laughed as we learned, all of us taking in a new piece of knowledge regarding the passover seder that our Jewish brothers and sisters celebrate at this time of year.  Rich in symbolism, we would do well to reinstitute some of the traditions in our Christian practices.
The evening started my Easter weekend in fine fashion.  The hospitality of our hosts touches me deeply.  Sitting at table with those I so deeply love and respect is such a gift.  Thank you Yasin and Rozina, Lalit and Sujata for sharing your gifts of hospitality, generosity and joy in such a gracious and wonderful manner.  (These photos are Yasin's)