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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Today was Special

After an early autumn chill that set in about mid-August, today Indian Summer came to Stockholm.  When I walked home at lunch to take Tanner on his midday walk, it was actually warm, dare I say, hot, outside!  So I quickly changed out of my work clothes, jumped into shorts and a tee shirt and took off on a beautiful summer's day walk by the sea!  It was glorious.  I would've sat down by the water for a much longer time, but I had to get back to work for a staff meeting.  But, on the way I did have a brilliant idea.For months now I've been wanting to go to the brand new Fotografiska Museet (Photography Museum) that opened last May.  Their opening exhibit was an exhibition of Annie Leibovitz, whose work I have long enjoyed, and I just felt that I should not miss the opportunity to see a body of her work, likely beautifully displayed in a lovely new museum in Stockholm.  The fact that the museum is located on the water south of town made it extra appealing given how absolutely gorgeous the day was turning out to be.
Then it dawned on me that for months I've been wanting to try a Wednesday deal at one of the seaside restaurants called Patricia.  The Wednesday deal is a whole Maine lobster for 139 sek.  Now that's about 20 US dollars. 
The view from the restaurant
Seriously, a whole Maine lobster!
 One cannot really eat out for that price unless you stick to meatballs or pizza so when I heard that this restaurant offered this deal on Wednesday nights, I thought we should at least check it out.
The dazzling Old Town as we walked to the Museum
This wonderful and weird cloud hovered over Old Town
As the restaurant is right next door to the Fotografiska museet, I decided to invite my husband on a date and we ventured into the city for Lobster and Leibovitz.  Neither disappointed and our glorious city glistened in all its amazing glory with a dazzling display of light and beauty.
We both reveled in the amazing quality of Leibovitz' work. Her photographs of the rich and famous are nothing short of stunning, but it was her family shots and those of a dear friend that she lost to cancer that were especially moving to me.  It made Leibovitz quite human instead of merely an artist displaying her craft.
The setting sun now happening about 8.15 p.m.
We walked out to see the city sky putting on an exhibit of its own.  I'm super happy we went tonight.  The whole package, beautiful city, lovely food, great exhibit, handsome husband...makes my heart sing with joy.
A perfect ending to a perfect day
It was great fun to enjoy our beautiful city on an unusually warm evening in early September.