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Monday, April 19, 2010

Tanner's Big Day on Djurgården

Signs of spring in Stockholm are finally starting to become obvious. The first wildflowers have made their way above ground. My favorite are the blue ones...They blanket the ground with the most lovely hue...a true reminder that change is on its way and soon our world will be strewn with color. Another sign of spring are the numerous outdoor seating places that all restaurants in town are now putting up. Down on the water it is so great to see people facing the sun, soaking it all in.I found a new statue today and had to laugh. Swedes are notorious for sitting or standing with their faces careening upwards towards the sun like sunflowers who have been deprived of sunlight for months on end. Well, I guess we have been! I find myself cranking my head upwards as well. When you've lived without the warmth or light of the sun for months on end, the instinct to tilt your head towards the sun happens without thought! This little guy is called Soltice in Stockholm!
It's warm enough now to walk around without a hat or a big jacket. A down vest and a cotton scarf feel good. Truth be told, gloves would still be nice too, but I refuse to wear them anymore!
Instead of our usual route through town, we decide to venture out to Djurgården to enjoy the waterways and experience the wide open spaces of the King's former hunting grounds. It was glorious.Tanner cannot be off the leash out there but he loves to snort along, rolling around in the dirt and slowly sprouting grass. Our good friend and co-worker Chris joined us today and it was great because it has been ages since we all hung out together. It was so refreshing! We walked all around the island and finally ventured up to Rosendal's Garden for a fika. Closed. But they had a water fountain, complete with one close to the ground for dogs. We headed up to the restaurant, but it was also closed. Sure signs that the season hasn't yet quite come to life. But, we did see signs for the Doggy Bar reminding us that when they do open, Tanner is most welcome. We eventually found a lovely spot that was serving coffee and to our surprise, they even had a hund meny: A dog menu! We ordered our coffee and the girl waiting on us was quick to say that she'd be right out with some water for the dog. Of course, we had to carry our own coffee to the our chairs, but Tanner got served! The view was stunning.It was so wonderful to sit outside and not shiver. The conversation was as warm and inviting as the setting. I was reminded once again of what a fantastically beautiful city I'm living in. Hope it's not long before we can explore these waterways with our boat.