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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Today is 01/01/10.
We rang in the new year outside in a snow covered landscape beside an open fire. It was a beautiful night with the full blue moon shining brightly over the night sky. A blue moon is when a full moon occurs for the second time in a month. It's very rare and now won't happen again until 2028 so I hope y'all enjoyed it!We began the new year with a beautiful walk in the woods. We stayed the night out in Saltsjöbaden at our friends', Judy and Olle's place. It made for a relaxing and fun night and morning. Tanner loves being out there. He gets to run free through the woods and there are 3 other dogs running around so he's one happy canine.
We got up and went for a beautiful walk. It was absolutely gorgeous out with the sun shining down on the snow and the water. The walk was cut short when Judy stepped through the ice and got a boot full of icy water! Fortunately, it was just her foot that went in but it encouraged us to get off the ice!
We enjoyed an tasty brunch and a lingering time around the table. Afterwards we came home and enjoyed some American College Football that we had taped. I took a nap and loved just drifting off.
It's the first day of a new year, a new decade. Always fun to think about what the year ahead will hold for us. I'm not one for making hard and fast resolutions but I am thinking about what I"d like to accomplish or see changed in my life in the year ahead. It's always fun to think about the possibilities that a new situation brings for us.
I like the sound of 2010. I am sure the new year will bring laughter and tears. I look forward to seeing how it all unfolds.