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Friday, July 3, 2009

I'm Irritated

I'm interested to know what people think about this. I recently received an email from someone who shared with me that a speaker at a Covenant Camp publicly shared that he felt the ordination of women by the Covenant was a huge mistake. He sited I Corinthians 11 as his basis. Now...people have very different ideas about how to interpret this passage. In fact, the rest of the email was informing me that she recently came across an old talk that my husband and I did at Seattle Pacific University where we also sited the same scripture passage but dealt with it in such a manner that didn't undermine women's ordination.
OK, so we disagree. Here's the rub for me. Our denomination, the Evangelical Covenant Church of America ordains women and has established a Biblical and theological basis for such. So I'm wondering how appropriate people think it is for a speaker at at Covenant supported institution, like one of our camps, to publicly undermine the Covenant's position with his own? I just wonder where being part of a denomination that believes things that one personally does not becomes a problem and do we as leaders and people of influence have the right to assert to our opposing position when we are working in a situation where we are in the service of the denomination?
Do you get my question? It's late in Sweden and I'm tired and irritated by this whole discussion. It's a good thing I'm preaching on kindness this week. 'Nuff said. weigh in please. I am open to a conversation with integrity even though I am personally a little put off.