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Monday, June 15, 2009

Weather Woes

Almost two weeks have gone by and I haven't posted anything. It's funny, now that I've been doing the blog for more than a year, it really starts to bother me when I don't get around to posting. I've had at least 3 ideas in my head that I've wanted to write about and I just haven't found the time or energy to get around to doing it. But I have seen that when I'm not writing, I don't feel as good as I do when I am writing. One of the primary reasons that I started the blog was so that I would write more and so blogging has definitely helped me with that goal or at least it's made more aware of how much writing needs to be a part of my life.
The weather in Stockholm has been grim. We've had days and days of rainy, chilly, windy, wet weather. It does not feel like summer and this is so depressing since summer is short here. I have finally admitted that the weather in Stockholm is generally speaking, not good. We have our moments of glory but they really are few and far between. June weather is usually not good. And yet we carry the burning hope in our hearts that we'll actually get day after day of really beautiful weather. So when that doesn't happen, we feel devastated and grumpy.
I have to admit that I feel quite shallow that the weather affects my mood so much. So I am seeking to figure out ways to make these rainy days an advantage. We want to paint our kitchen and have a lot of work to do in order to prepare for that. I have cupboards overflowing with junk that I want to clean out. I need to write and read and this weather is the perfect excuse for hunkering down and enjoying both.
I guess we spend so much of our year in limited day light that when the "season of light" is finally upon us, it is depressing to live under cloud cover that makes the world gray and dim. A lack of sunshine is really hard to take and it really does begin to effect one's outlook. At least all of us who live here are commiserating together.
But, for today, I am not going to complain about the weather, at least out loud! I am going to take today as a gift. I can stay inside and get some things done that I would not get done if it was 80 degrees F outside and sunny. If it gets really bad I can go sit in the sauna and pretend I'm sun bathing!
At any should see some new blogs pop up and if you're neighborhood, pop in for a look at our kitchen. I might even let you look behind the cupboard doors. We'll see how much I get done. The book I've been dying to read and my comfy bed might win out over all other projects. Whatever it takes to keep a sunny outlook in the midst of this dismal stretch of horrible June weather.