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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just A Little Side Note

Going the bathroom in a country like Turkey often creates certain challenges that one must be prepared to encounter. In the public toilets, there seems to either be a severe lack of toilet paper in the country or just a low desire to make it readily available for those wishing to relieve themselves. There seems to be a void of paper in general as the air hand dry your hands method has been widely used.
In addition to toilet paper being sparse, toilet seats are not always guaranteed. The only upside of this arrangement is the good quadriceps work out you get while holding yourself steady over the bowl. It gets even more interesting when the bowl disappears and all you have is a hole in the ground. Squat down low and hope the splash factor remains at a minimum. I have successfully engaged each of the listed toilets in the past several days.
Every once in while you will hit the jackpot with a public toilet. I had a nice trifecta the other day: Toilet Seat, Toilet Seat Cover, and toilet paper. It was the Nirvana experience of using a public bathroom in Turkey! In case you were wondering how to find a toilet here, I have included this sign.