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Monday, March 30, 2009

A New Day Has Dawned

I've been in California for a week and what a week it's been. My mom's health has been totally transformed and the obvious burden that has been lifted from off of my father's shoulders has made a remarkable change in him as well. It is truly amazing to witness such obvious transformation. We have had the greatest week together. The mere fact that my mom is showing interest in doing things and has energy to be engaged in life is such a gift. For 2 years she has barely felt like sitting at the table and eating meals with us. Now she's been up for shopping, eating out, and meeting friends. She is back teaching her weekly women's Bible study group, active in her church work, and even helping out around the house! My father's sarcastic comments let us know that he too, is back to normal! We have shared much laughter and enjoyed some peaceful, meaningful family time together. We've been able to talk about how hard the past two years have been. We've given expression to the depth of our fears and sadness as we pondered the scary and uncertain road that cancer puts you on. But best of all, we've just enjoyed being together without the hovering presence of an illness that steals life away from people.
We do not know how long this happy season will last but we don't care about that. We are trying to enjoy the gift that it is right now. I feel that my coming home to be with them during the good times has allowed us to do just that, enjoy the gift that mom's new lease on life is for us all. God's goodness to us throughout the entire ordeal has been continually obvious to us and this miracle of health that my mom is experiencing at the present is certainly a deep blessing for which we are utterly thankful. And so we give thanks and rejoice. I rejoice that my folks are enjoying a season that is largely void of hardship and pain. I pray it will last a good long time, but that's not really what's important. What is important is to humbly accept this gift and enjoy it with the vigor that God would want us to. I am so thankful for this new day and I humbly accept the gift that it is with joy and thanksgiving in my heart.