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Monday, February 16, 2009

Wondering Who Reads This

After having been at this for a few months, my curiosity has gotten the best of me. I have a blog site meter now that gives me some statistics as to how many readers there have been in a given period, where these readers live, etc. Incidentally, 60% of my readers are in the US, 39% in Europe, and 1% in Australia. Pretty cool, actually. The countries in Europe include Sweden, France, Great Britain, Finland, Poland, and Switzerland. Only a few readers have posted comments and I would love to hear more comments and I would actually love to know who is reading. I am honored that you would spend even 5 minutes of your day listening to what I think about everything from presidents to poop. (see previous post on poop.) So, if you get a minute, sometime let me know who you are gentle reader. And please, feel free to post a comment. The first time you try to post, you'll have to fill out a little security area and then the post comes to me before it is published. This is so I can avoid having any weird posts on my site that I may not think are the best for public consumption! But barring anything lewd or inappropriate, I will post your comments! You can even be critical or contrary, but just be nice!
So happy reading. And thanks again for checking in.