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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Venice is for lovers

I love Venice. I know, how original. But seriously, it is a special place. Our disembarkation out of the city was spectacular. Where else are you going to view this amazing city from above?! Perched high upon the deck of the fabulous Splendor of the Seas, the canals of Venice floated by. The lingering images of The Doge's Palace, Bridge of Sighs, the magnificent San Marcos and its imposing square along with the throngs of people that were milling about created a memorable start to our journey. We spent a day ourselves roaming the canals, traversing the bridges, smiling down upon the gondolas, and enjoying being surrounded by Italians and their romantic, beautiful language. Venice makes you feel more loving! My husband is not one for public affection but even Venice prompted him to kiss me while crossing the hundreds of bridges that adorn this city of water. The combination of stunning architecture, creative decorations, boats for busses, bridges for traffic lights, and that Italian language just oozes romance. So as book end stops on a cruise that was a celebration of life and love, Venice did not disappoint. We did find the best gelato as well. The guy let me taste every flavor his freezer and in the end I settled for my favorite, chocolate chip called Stracciatella in Italian. The combination of cheap wine, creamy gelato and delicious kisses from my beloved ensures that Venice will remain a favorite travel stop of mine forever.