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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lunch Music

Sweden has a nice tradition of having 20 minute mini-concerts over the lunch hour for people who are in the city and want a midday break. Yesterday one of our very gifted high school students sang at a nearby church so I went. The church was a huge, stone, state church with enormously high vaulted ceilings and pitch perfect acoustics. When the five 17 year old students came processing out in black robes singing with these clear, lovely, and truly heavenly voices I was transported to a spiritual realm. How can such lovely music come from these young, adolescent children? I wondered what they did when such sweet sound was not coming from their mouths. Young talent is an amazing thing to experience. Perhaps it's even more amazing when it really does move your spirit and bring you closer to God.
The five short pieces of sacred music that they sang were all written in the 1500's. Hard to imagine anything sitting on my iPod will still be around in say 500 or so years. The sacred stuff lives on. In more ways than we realize.